Some important facts about my workflow are treated below. I will ask everyone who wants to hire me to carefully read them.






All the stock images used to create my artworks are royalty-free and sourced from Depositphotos.com. I have a monthly subscription Standard License there and the cost of the purchased package includes the right to use a number of images - within reason of course.

My Depositphotos License gives the user Printing rights - up to 500,000 copies. If you think you will exceed 500,000 copies, you will be asked to purchase an Extended License. The cost of an Extended License is up approx. $100/photo and this should be covered by the person who commissions me.

If you commission me, you must abide by the Depositphotos rules for the purchased license.

For more information, visit the Standard and Extended License Agreement:



Other Stock Providers


If you want me to use a stock photo from another stock provider such as Shutterstock, Period Images, Neostock etc, with whom I am not subscribed, you will be asked to purchase the image(s) yourself and send them to me via email: methyss.art@gmail.com


If you choose this option and send me an image from another stock provider, make sure you've carefully read the rules and terms of THAT stock provider and abide by them.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Asking me to disobey the stock usage rules, or use someone else's work when creating your cover will result in stopping the collaboration, effective immediately. 





Most of the packages have the 'varies according to complexity' statement.

It basically means that not all artwork is created equal. Some pieces are quite simple while others require more attention and have more details.


1. Additional characters cost $100 more/character. This includes the main characters and large creatures.

2. Additional elements are usually cost-free, more complex elements are paid according to the requested details, prices varying from $20-200.


Other aspects are not that simple. These aspects shall be discussed and dealt with beforehand, and the price will be duly negotiated and established by both parties before the contract is finalized.


Here are two examples of details that might make the price change:





In every design package, I have a limit of 5 revisions. If you want more than that we must discuss some additional fees, according to complexity. Minor changes, such as color change, saturation, and contrast will be free (within reason). Major changes, such as adding or removing elements, painting elements, or changing clothes, faces will require extra payment. I cannot estimate the cost of such changes but you will be informed beforehand.


I will do anything possible to provide my client with an eye-catching piece of art and I aim for 100% satisfaction with the result; however, I cannot offer an unlimited number of revisions. If a project is taking too long due to extensive revisions, it can interfere with other clients who need their projects done by a specific due date.




 A full refund is eligible ONLY if I haven't started working. Therefore, if you change your mind about a project, you need to contact me as soon as possible (before I start working) in order to receive a full refund. In the rare event that I cancel a project for any reason, you will receive a full refund regardless of how much I've worked on the project.

If I cancel a project for any reason (which rarely happens) you will receive a full refund, regardless of how much I've worked on the project.

In RARE cases, if an artwork doesn't meet your requirements, I will hold the payment for the work I've done so far and the stock used. I may give back a partial refund (50%) if the project isn't finished. I always show my clients the work-in-progress. You must decide in the early stages if you like where it is going or not. If the project is close to being finished or is already finished, you will NOT be eligible for any refund.


I do my best to meet your requirements and to satisfy your needs but if by the end, you want to cancel the commission for whatever reason, I have still put the time, effort, and money into the project and, therefore, still need to be paid.




The Paperback option is available for both the Premium and Paperback packages. It is mandatory for you to know the PAGE COUNT before I start working on the back cover. Without the page count, the dimensions (and consequently the image) get warped and it doesn't work.


Purchasing one of those packages from me includes paperback generated by Createspace:


You can download the template yourself and email it to me ( methyss.art@gmail.com ), or you can ask me to generate and download it for you, in which case I need the following information:

  1. Page count,

  2. Page color,

  3. Cover dimensions.

Other full-wrap templates, such as IngramSpark and Lulu, cost an additional $20/each and you will be asked to generate and send me the template yourself via email.


If you don't know the page count yet, we'll focus on the EBOOK first and work on the full-wrap later when you know the page count.






I reserve the right to post the finished artwork in my portfolio AFTER the book has been released. I will wait for any release dates, and everything will be discussed before.  I may post the artwork in my group for earlier for feedback, but only with MYT CLIENT'S WRITTEN PERMISSION! 


***I don't share the artwork on social media BEFORE the release of the book without written permission. 

My client is able to post the cover on my group - Methyss' Coven when the cover is released, and promote his/her book by giving links on the description to Amazon or other. 






You will be asked to credit me somewhere in your book, as follows:


'Cover illustration by Ruxandra Tudorica of 'Methyss Art'



If you publish the book on AMAZON, please feature me as the illustrator. 

If we are worked on a paperback, please send me a copy of the book if possible. I also love reading, and I want to be able to show my parents physical copies of the covers I've worked for. She loves them.



 Sometimes, the shipping may cost a fortune because I am in Romania and most of you are in the US or the UK, in which case I can cover that part, if affordable.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me!







Digital Artist, Professional llustrator specialized in dramatic composition and effects .


Inspiration: fantasy, surrealism, fairy tales, gothic and dark art.





I am available for commissions.

For digital services, rates or any other questions contact me:






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