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  • Here is a list of my available packages. If you are not sure which package suits you best, do not hesitate to contact me and we will discuss what the best option is according to your needs.

  • Before you fill in the form below, please make sure you carefully read and accept my Terms of Agreement / FAQ

  • For booking, I will ask for 50% of the payment in advance. From this, in case of a cancelation, $50 are non-refundable. The rest will be refunded asap. A cancellation may add gaps in my schedule and may or may not be filled on time. Thank you for understanding.



  • It includes a highly manipulated illustration for your book, made according to your requirements and with elements and adjustments to hit the market for your genre.

  • The price can go up according to complexity, as follows:



- Additional characters on the cover cost $100 (yes, dragons count as additional characters! they are big and often they are DAZ renders with lots of overpainting) ;


-Highly manipulated or digitally painted objects/animals/creatures vary from $20-100 depending on their size, and amount of details on them;


-I usually include changes for free until my client is happy with the result; BUT if you require lots of changes or you change your mind many times, I may require additional fees.


  • BACKCOVER can be added at any time for an additional $100, but I will need the page count for it. The back cover can be made as a landscape- extension from the front cover; or a standalone, with its own design, matching with the front of course.

I use  KDP to generate the templates that are fit for Amazon. You can download it yourself and email it to me, or else, you must provide me with the following information and I will create the template for you:

page count;

cover dimensions;

page color ;

If you want  back covers fit for Ingram Spark, Lulu or any other publishing websites, the cost is additional $20/back cover and you'll be required to email me the template.


  • Complex back covers that require more digital painting, manipulation and graphic elements may add to the cost. Winged back covers may cost more, according to the complexity.


  • Do not hesitate and email me if you have any questions or concerns: 



Digital Artist, Professional llustrator specialized in dramatic composition and effects .


Inspiration: fantasy, surrealism, fairy tales, gothic and dark art.





I am available for commissions.

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